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UX: the user experience that brings business.

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We design usable, agile and accessible digital products and services that blend in with your customers, improving their user experience to increase your business.

Next to Pasiona, we have more than 10 years of experience contributing to the digitization of big companies.  

Do you need more arguments? This is what you will get by working with us: 


More productive software


More efficient processes


Save time and resources

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Proceso UX del trabajo de Mimetizo

  • Conceptual definition
  • Strategic definition
  • User study
  • User testing
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design and layout
  • User testing
  • Technological development
  • And back to the beginning...
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There is no need to explain user experience, as it is lived at all times.

With our work process we will improve your digital product or service by putting the customer at the center. We will provide usability and achieve a better user experience to optimize your business results.

Why don’t your customers return to your website? How could you increase the sales of your e-commerce? These are some of the questions that we will help you solve by working together, through an iterative process that allows us to continuously learn and improve to achieve your objectives and achieve the best result.

We work from the other side of the screens, in real life, to the same interface with which your users interact, having accessibility as a transversal element throughout the process, to create better products and services.

Investing in UX means an average return of 9,900%.

*Forrester Research

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With mimetizo, UX transcends usability to become a process transformation tool. Mimetizo has helped us understand that usability is the result of an optimal process and accompanies us in our continuous improvement.

Javier Portales, Director of Organization and Business Analytics at Grupo Catalana Occidente

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